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Since its establishment as a company SigniaSigning has been responsible for teaching British Sign Language (BSL) and Deaf awareness to both individuals, public and private corporations. We specialise in teaching BSL levels 1, 2 & 6 to people who are keen to acquire signing skills in a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Our staff include Deaf and hard of hearing tutors who bring with them invaluable insights into Deaf culture and communicating with members of the Deaf and hard of hearing community. Our tutors have years of experience in translating their knowledge and superb sign language skills to hearing and deaf individuals alike.

We offer a wide variety of courses catering for people wanting to learn at all levels and we are a registered examination centre for the popular signature BSL levels 1-2. In addition we offer corporate courses and have extensive experience visiting a wide variety of organisations to teach basic sign language and Deaf awareness.

Over the last few years we have enjoyed teaching many hundreds of people sign language and bringing sign language and deaf awareness into numerous diverse private and public companies.

The Team

Margaret Wray

founded Signia Signing. She is profoundly Deaf (from birth) from Yorkshire she lives and works there. She has been teaching now for over 15 years. She loves meeting people, teaching them sign language and about Deaf culture

Nigel Clarke

is profoundly Deaf, he has been a BSL teacher for many years, he specialises in teaching NVQ level 6, in 2012 Nigel has gained an A1 assessors award allowing him to assess his NVQ students. Nigel has been awarded Signature regional teacher of the year for North Yorkshire and Humberside 2012.

Karen Healy

is profoundly Deaf She has been teaching BSL for 17 years and strongly believes in the importance of raising awareness and promoting equality and inclusivity for people within Deaf and Hearing communities.

Louise Linford

is profoundly Deaf, after many years experience of teaching BSL in college, Louise teaches Level 6 and is the Internal Verifier.